Queen of the High Seas (bonnieredwater) wrote,
Queen of the High Seas

So it's no secret I am not an Obama fan and most of you are. but...

Let's play a little game called "spot the flaw in this plan".

In response to Russia's atacks on Georgia (And yess Russian ljers, they were ATTACKS. Unreasonable escalations of force and entrance into clearly sovereign territory.) Obama had this to say:

The United States, Europe and other concerned countries "must stand united," the U.S. senator from Illinois told reporters while vacationing in Hawaii.

"It is a clear violation of (Georgia's) sovereignty and recognized borders," Obama said.

He said he would continue to push for a United Nation Security Council resolution regarding a cease-fire in Georgia.

Soooooooooo...shiny nickel for the first person who can tell me why this won't work and the man is either woefully misinformed, or is using a lot of good sounding rhetoric assuming the voters are tooo dumb to catch the nuances.

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