Queen of the High Seas (bonnieredwater) wrote,
Queen of the High Seas

On the 12th Day of Deployment...

The Navy gave to me:

12 IED's a blasting
11 Afrikaaners with rifles
10 Iraqi judges surfing porno
9 Iraqi cops a-striking
8 Criminal cases in standstill
7 flushes on my toilet*
6 monts not enough here
5 AIR FORCE FAGS (no really...joint environments are AWESOME!)
4 O4's a whining
3 MAs a slacking
2 Lieutenant bars***

And an MOI Building with snipers watching meeeeeeee...

* Which is still better than living in a dry trailer or tent
**that no one ever listens to until it's too late and then they get pissed because I was right.

Merry goddamn Christmas.

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